What’s my WHY?

Welcome Spring

I keep trying to write my Spring intention letter and I have to admit I am still struggling.  I thought once Letters from Ladytown launched the fog would lift and the intention would come barreling out of me. (not so much)

In English, the word “intention” is defined as a course of action that one intends to follow, an aim that guides action, an objective.  It’s a word from the Latin intendere meaning to direct attention or to stretch toward something.

In Sanskrit, the word for intention is Sankalpa, and it’s a representation of a desire or positive thought that you want to manifest in the world, a promise you make to yourself.

Now that I had clearly defined what the word” intention” meant surely I could come up with something; a short letter, even a line or two. Nope!

So, here is what I have decided to do:  Allow myself time to let my intention evolve.  If setting an intention is about reaching toward something, if it resides in the deepest part of my heart–then part of setting an intention involves listening carefully to what my heart wants. I have decided to allow my heart the time and space it needs to help me define my Spring intention.

To be blatantly honest I have never given myself permission to ask: What are my hopes? What do I need to let go of? What do I need to embrace? How do I want my days to feel? What is calling me? What makes me want to sing out loud? What takes my breath away?

I am anxious and eager to see what this meditative time will reveal.  Letters from Ladytown gives me the courage to go deeper, my soul to fly higher  &  heart to sing louder.

That’s my WHY!

3 thoughts on “What’s my WHY?

  1. Isn’t it so hard though? Giving ourselves time?

    I have to say I chuckled at this line: “I am anxious and eager to see what this meditative time will reveal.” Seems slightly counter-intuitive to me, but somehow so right for you.

    I tried to answer the same question over at Sure as the World today, and I have to tell you, it was the first and only post I was writing and revising up until the minute I hit “publish”. I don’t think Letters from Ladytown will be easy, but I think it will be worth it.

    • Yes, it is! We need to give ourselves time to become what we were meant to be. Without reflection, posing these questions to ourselves & just being quite (not my strong suit) our growth will be stunted.

      Letters from Ladytown & YOU give me the perspective I need to get to that higher being.

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