Friday’s Recollection

sharing my week

sharing my week



Friday revised:   I decided to revise my initial idea for Friday’s posts; I hope you share what has shaped you this week.

As the weekend  draws near I begin to look inward, this is when I can take the time to ask what has this week brought, and share what I have learned from it.  Whenever we are engaged in something so much our heart responds to what lies in the lesson, we not only learn from it, we are forever changed.


First and foremost the women who I have met through this blog the past few weeks have brought so much to my table.  I want to thank all of you for your emails, posts and comments.


Others that have shaped my week:


Sheila over at  always gives me food for thought.


Amanda at is an inspiration, while her crafts intimidate me they also encourage me to stretch myself.


Sort of an addiction  lock-up your credit cards before you visit.


A wonderful resource



Books on my bed side table:

Lifeways Working with family questions by Gudrun Davy & Bons Voors

Child and the Machine by Alison Armstrong & Charles Casement


Have a sensational weekend my friends!





One thought on “Friday’s Recollection

  1. I hope you share what has shaped you this week. (love that line)

    What has shaped me this first week of March:
    – expanding rather than restricting my children; sometimes giving them room to grow is exactly what they need

    -broadening my vision to include what other people see

    – reading something just for me: When Women Were Birds, by Terry Tempest Williams; seeing her in person at Malaprops tonite; no words for that excitement

    – witnessing grief: big grief and little grief, but knowing/trusting that we eventually come out on the other side

    – waiting for SOMEONE to come home; drive FAST!!!


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