Welcome to Friday Fun:  For the past few weeks I have been working on a creating some fun posts for Friday.  Monday’s posts set the tone of the week, Wednesday posts are usually the ones with the most meat  & Fridays are for fun.  I think it is important to share resources, recipes, blogs and stories of the people in our community.  I encourage you to share what is currently inspiring you!  Blessings Andrea

Here is one of my new favorites Little Acorn Learning.   I love Eileen’s approach and the wealth of resources she has on her site.  I recently purchased her March Curriculum and Daily Guide along with her Spring Handwork e-book, I can’t wait to get started.  Here is the link to these wonderful guides and some information about them.

March Curriculum 3-Day Program& Daily Guide

March Curriculum 3-Day Program
& Daily Guide

March’s Guide is 44 Pages Long!

Week One, March
Spring Birds, Awakening

Week Two, March
March Winds, Whistling

Week Three, March
Spring Equinox, Luck

Week Four, March
Easter, Rebirth

This Curriculum must be used in conjunction with the Daily Guide which guides
caregivers through each step of Our Daily Rhythm:

Morning Blessing
Morning Circle Time
Daily Activity
Nature Walk
Children’s Meditation
Rest Time
Outdoor Work & Play
Caregiver Meditation
Evening Routines
Bedtime Story and Blessing

This program was designed for parents or childcare providers who
wish to share the joy of nature with the children in their care and
create a healthy rhythm to their day.  It is ideal for mixed-aged
situations with ideas for both young and older children included.

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