Loved the follow up post to Doubt. Enjoy!

Sure as the World

I had a wonderful time at Taproot in August. It was heart-expanding, soul-filling and spirit-enriching. So many deep, deep lessons that have broadened my vision as to why I continue on this path of homeschooling with Waldorf. Several conversations have continued to reverberate in my mind and have formed the focus of my inner work for this year. Coming home from Ohio, I put this little collage together, which is basically 2 cutouts from a magazine and some words I added with letter stamps. It hangs by my desk, gently reminding me to remain true to that which transcends curriculum blocks, handwork projects and circle time, yet guides all that we do.

See bigger. Go deeper. Do Less.


I wrote the above on August 10, right after I returned from Taproot. I never finished or posted it because I honestly didn’t feel like I had the words to describe all…

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