Please Stand Up

Sophia is choleric doused with a ton of sanguine like most kids her age.  Sophia’s need to be the first one  over the finish line makes her work look rushed and careless.  I am not a parent looking for perfection, what I would like to do is to teach her to take her time.  Allow her to enjoy the process of handwriting and get the meaning behind the art we are working on. Not so much at her current pace.

I struggled to find ways to help her; then I remembered a form drawing class I took this summer at Taproot. Jean Miller, our instructor, told us to stand up while we were copying our forms.  To be honest I don’t remember why; shocker I have a little wiggle in me too. What I did find was when I was standing I felt grounded, connected to the paper and the form.  Sophia never looks grounded; she looks like a pretzel in a chair holding the writing utensil of choice awkwardly.

After some thought and very little preparation I decided Sophia should stand up while doing her writing lessons.  Most the time I am at the board standing, so why not have everyone stand?  After circle and our daily verse I looked over at Sophia and asked her to please stand up.  She looked at me with some suspicion, but slowly stood.  We took out her main lesson book and began to copy the day’s poem.  Now, to be honest, there was not much change in the handwriting day one. However, what I did notice she was taking her time and her body was grounded.  As the days past her handwriting improved.  She has added a few little knee bends when needed, but her pencil and paper are grounded never leaving the table.   I have seen such a change in her too; each time she writes her poems, main lesson work etc. she is so excited to read them back to me.  I honestly think she can finally read what she has written and it has given her so much confidence.

I also wanted to add it has made lesson time so much smoother and meaningful.  I love being able to find our daughter just what she needs to give her peace and joy each day.


Teaching Children Handwriting, Audrey McAllen

Soul Development through Handwriting, Jennifer Crebbin

6 thoughts on “Please Stand Up

  1. I laughed out loud of your description of her as a pretzel holding a pencil – I have one of those too. We are tackling handwriting next month and I am going to give this a go. Thanks for posting it.

    PS That is NOT what I remember from that form drawing session . . . .

  2. It really has changed the entire dynamic of her writing lessons and eased my anxiety about looking at her handwriting(cringing while trying to stay positive).

    Don’t forget this was the day after I slept for 15 hours straight. I think by form drawing you were a little zonked:)

  3. “I love being able to find our daughter just what she needs to give her peace and joy each day.”

    This is wonderful! What a gift to your daughter, to yourself; and what an inspiration to your readers! Simplicity, peace and joy. Wow. I’m striving to find what my children need, what my husband/marriage needs and also what I need. It’s a rugged journey, yet indescribably worth it!


    • I am constantly struggling to find that perfect balance and most of the time I hit the mark. There are also times when I am WAY off base and get hit right in the face. The journey is what makes it all worth it and the little bumps in the road along the way are reminders it’s a never ending process. I plan on doing a post on husbands soon since this is an area I am always working on:) How do we ever end up together:)?

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