Ringing in the New Year


   I have been contemplating on what I want to focus on for 2013; I have never been much for New Year’s resolutions and even if I attempted one, it was pretty much over by January 2nd.  This year I wanted it to be different.    I began writing a “to do list” sprinkled with a “must have list”.  As I wrote the list I thought back to the beginning of this year and all that I had planned.  Did I accomplish any of the must haves or to dos?  Or was I still floating around in the pool of incomplete?  As the answers were revealed to my surprise, I really did strive to plan, cook from scratch & read more.   Then came the hard part; looking at what I still needed work on.

Handling these areas that needed work was pretty tough; I am my own worst critic and it was painful.  I began to jot down the needs for improvement starting with me all the way down to my parenting.   I wasn’t too shocked since several of these areas were constant struggles, but there were also new subjects to investigate.   I wanted focus more on my successes and less on beating myself up. What I kept coming back to was:  How was this year going to be different?

Well, here is what I came up with.

  • Ditch the list, sounds like a crazy idea I know, but they never work for me.  So, I decided to take out my planner and write an intention for each month.  I figured since I was already creating weekly intentions, monthly intentions would be a synch. Also, instead of looking at a daunting list each day I would take it one month at a time.
  • Ask my friends and family what areas I need to work on.  Again, I have not lost my mind, but a lot of times we cannot see what’s right in front of us.  That is why asking people close to us can be a very helpful tool.   I have to take each suggestion as something to embrace not to defend. This is not going to be easy.
  •  I want to include my friends and family in my process.    Support is a key component to staying on track; having people in place to talk with, share ideas or even vent will help me in many ways.
  • Most importantly I have to remind myself take it slow.  I have a tendency to try to do it all, which usually means nothing gets done.  This will be my biggest challenge!


Lastly, inner work has to be my constant, all of these ancillary items will be so much harder to obtain if I’m not working on “me” every day.  Well, we will see how it goes; I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Advent Season!

8 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year

  1. I am leaving a comment for two reasons.

    1) Because if I am not chosen at random to receive that amazing bucket of goodness, I…. well, I don’t know what I’ll do (:

    2) I’ve read this post twice. Once when you posted it and once yesterday. I think it’s very open hearted of you to involve others in your constructive critique of yourself. I am still pondering what my heart says about that for myself. I did ditch the list last year and replaced it with a one word intention for the year. That’s been very excellent.

    So, here’s to a new year of good intentions and successful change!

    • Trust me I am a little worried about involving others,but I figured I would see a much clearer picture of myself if I was not the only one looking:) Good Luck hope you win!

  2. Well, who knows, maybe there will be more than one lucky random winner…

    I still chuckle at some of the funny things you said and did at Taproot.
    Your zany zesty perspective was a gift.

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