Third Grade Revised


In my last post I mentioned my trepidation about reading the bible stories to our eight year old daughter Sophia.  Well, we implemented some new ideas and threw some others right out the window!  Sophia is a precocious little girl who is always in motion; so we deviated from Bible stories and moved to farming & math with movement.  What a difference a few changes make!

Below is what we put in place of bible stories to get our school year started on solid ground:

  • Outside planting, prepping the soil for winter & building a tepee for our cat (so cute and he loves it)
  • Planting 50 Tulips (getting outside and moving the earth really touched her and the questions that were flying at me; I loved it)
  • Added Math Movement games: bean bag multiplication, addition jump rope & subtraction hop scotch.
  • Baking, Baking, Baking (need I say more?)
  • Planning most of our art lessons to involve collecting leaves, acorns & flowers.


What a difference altering my planning did for Sophia and her demeanor about school.  By simply providing her what she needed, our days have become tranquil and fun.   As homeschoolers we work weeks, maybe even months on our planning.  It might be hard to admit that what we had planned may not be the right choice now.  The subjects that are troublesome today may be a breeze in a few more months; if we can be patient and allow our child to lead us. So don’t keep pushing; step back, watch & listen; your child will tell you what they desire, this will allow for rhythmic balance in your day. For mamas who have planned their year look at your syllabus, find the appropriate area of study and start having fun.

Some websites, books and such that have brought amusement to our week; hope you find them as delightful we have. ( a weekly read for me)

v  Farmer Boy Author Laura Ingalls Wilder

v   Making Math Meaningful: Fun with Puzzles, Games, and More! by Jamie York  

v  Festivals Family and Food Author Diane Carey

9 thoughts on “Third Grade Revised

  1. “As homeschoolers we work weeks, maybe even months on our planning. It might be hard to admit that what we had planned may not be the right choice now.”

    Boy, isn’t that the truth!! Sometimes it can be so hard getting over ourselves. But you are so right: know the child in front of you. Steiner is smiling!

    Love to you.

  2. I’m glad for you both that you went with what she needed (: Boy, life is fun when everyone is enjoying it!

    You might also want to look into Godly Play as a way to involve her in old testament stories…. We’re just starting down that path and you can read a lot about it in these two blogs — (found through the Wednesday link up!) and

    Thanks for sharing a reminder that it’s better to go with the flow instead of trying to re-route the river (:

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