Melisa Nielsen at Waldorf Essentials

Melisa Nielsen at Waldorf Essentials

I am getting a lot of emails lately that sound a bit like this….

1. HELP!  I am starting late, what do I do?!

2. HELP!  I pulled my child from school, what do I do?!

3. HELP!  I made a plan and I can’t seem to get going!

4. PLEASE kick me in the bum.

5. I need a hug.

I LOVE helping with all of that!  Helping get you confident and getting you away from the edge is my specialty! This education is exciting and fun!

We are putting together a special boot camp!

The planning boot camp will be for anyone who needs help getting going.  Here we are a month into the traditional school year, there is NO need to fear! Let me help :)

We have a great event page HERE that explains it all.

Do you blog?  Can you help us spread the word?  Below are two smaller buttons that you can use on your blog.  Make sure you include the link to the event page above so others can sign up!

Happy Planning!!

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