To Summarize

Our school year started in September this year and it was perfect timing.  The blocks I chose to start with were Greek Mythology for Logan (5th grade) and Old Testament Stories for Sophia (3rd Grade). I have to admit I follow most if not all of Donna Simmons Christopherus curriculum,at least in the beginning; I find it easier if I follow the experts the first few months.  As the year goes on I venture to try to create my own blocks and projects

Logan has been enjoying Greek Myths almost as much as he had Norse Myths (that block lasted months). He has created some beautiful drawings and is having a lot of fun learning the Greek alphabet.  He has also taken a real shine to reading; his hunger for books is new and it has been very gratifying for both of us. I just need to slow him down a little just to insure he is getting fed from each of his choices and not just racing to finish. Logan, also completes one Math is Meaningful practice sheet a day; I have found doing math daily is a huge help when we finally get to our scheduled Math blocks.

As for Sophia, starting the school year has been a bit of a struggle.  I chose the Old Testament Stories solely based on it being listed first in our syllabus. Unfortunately  for Sophia I really didn’t think to explore if she was even ready for these stories. I mentioned to my friend over at Sure as the World that Sophia seemed completely uninterested.  She indicated that she had not read those stories until her son was 9.5 years of age (Sophia is 8.5) an entire year later than I had started reading them. So, with this new found knowledge I decided to hold off on the Old Testament and go back to the basics. (another luxury of homeschooling) Our basics are a lot of reading, cooking and outside play, I did sprinkle in some poetry, she loves it.

Some additional items we have added to our weekly rhythm are a daily weather journal and a weekly Botany main lesson. The children are delighted to be studying both subjects and will continue this the entire school year.

 We have two more weeks before we start our next set of blocks.  I have planned for Ancient Egypt for Logan and Farming for Sophia (a perfect choice for her).


What are your plans for October? I would love to read what others are doing and how you plan for each child.


Septembers little helpers 😦 blogs, programs & articles that have helped shape our month) (Waldorf Wednesdays) (Carrie’s post on the Melancholic child was amazing)  (loving the audio downloads) Thanks Sheila!





3 thoughts on “To Summarize

  1. I am visiting from the Seasons of Joy linky. I love hearing from homeschoolers with children older than mine to gain their experience. I look forward to reading more.

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