Better late than never



How could it have taken me so long to figure this one out?  Many times in the past eleven years I thought my children were going to hand me a pink slip and send me on my way.  Now,  I finally comprehend what it all means.   I give a lot of the credit to Rudolph Steiner, Simplicity Parenting & Waldorf Education who I happened upon three years ago. All have opened my eyes to who I am, who I was and are cultivating the person I am yearning to be.

After, spending most of my time in the deep end, I am no longer drowning.  My children seem lighter, lead in ways I never thought possible and truly happy.  Changing our family dynamic was an enormous undertaking; at the time it felt insurmountable. I can say none of us ever gave up (especially me); I knew if I kept working on myself eventually the pieces would glide into place.  I discuss this often in my blog; the reason is I can’t stress it enough.  You can read every book, buy whole batches of curriculum and have several different consultants, but if you don’t work on you, it’s like burning money.  I did this for an extended period of time; floundered all over searching for a legitimate formula that would bring harmony to our family. Then after a long hot weekend with a dear friend in Ohio it finally hit me; stop searching for all the answers in others, you have them!  Someone told me once “your children choose you as their parents” (this blew me away & scared me too); it also made me think.  Who knows your children better than you?  Who knows what they need better than you?  Getting help is great, but just don’t solely rely on it. Trust yourself you’ll be astonished at what you CAN do. 

Our children have entrusted us with their rearing; some of us realize what that means early on and others, like me, are late bloomers. As long as we continue working and evolve as mothers, we’re not only helping our own families, we are encouraging others that it is possible in their own family.


I would love to read about how others are continuing their inner work.









4 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. I feel like my inner work needs a jolt. I called Sandra earlier today, lol. I LOVE Waldorf Wednesdays if for no other reason than to read your posts! Missed you at Penny Whistle – hope everyone is resting easy.

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