What does Waldorf look like in our home???

Well, my friend over at Sure as the World asked the question on her blog; What does Waldorf look like in your home? I started to contemplate what it did look like in our house?  No Gnomes, fairies or felted items.  Was I even following what Steiner intended?  After several conversations with myself; I finally concluded yes,yes I was to the best of my ability.  That has been the key to my personal inner work; being OK with the gifts I have to share with my children and allowing them to lead me in new directions.

Our journey has had its ups and downs; with a lot of mommy inner work. Can I just stress again A LOT of mommy inner work! All of that inner work has paid off and  I can honestly say that our year has started off extremely well. Now, will it be like this everyday? No!  This was where my inner work came in being OK with bad days and truly embracing the good ones:)

A few snap shots of what Waldorf looks like in our home. Measuring rain water, using all four processes, measuring every hour and estimating how much would be in there by the end of the day.


This is how it started.








Now, this is how it ended!

Two very happy children who spent the day calculating, estimating and having some good all fashion fun.  Not all days start or end how we plan them.  The good news is we get to start all over the next day and  in those moments of chaos we might even find the best part of our day.

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