So Little Time

OK, I am not one judge,but I was so agitated by a woman at the orthodontist office the other day, I need to vent.  After we arrived at the office a woman came rushing in with her teenaged daughter . She was ranting about how she needed to get something fixed and had no time to wait.  Unfortunately, for all of us in the office that day she had to wait and while she did her daughter caught hell about it.   I was sitting there watching,( non-judgemental of course)  I began to get angry,real angry.  As I watched the young girl squirm in her seat and turn every shade of red I could feel my blood pressure rise.  It was so uncomfortable for me, I could only imagine how the young girl must have felt.

My son looked up at me as if to say,”what is wrong with that woman?”  Then, my stomach started to turn and I thought gross I was this woman not to long ago.  I used to rush here & there, have both of our children in every activity I could shove into a day. Why?  I thought it was what we were supposed to do.  The whole idea of seating still, being in the moment & all of that gobble goo was for other families, not ours.  We were going to give everything we could to our kids whether they wanted it or not.  I put in the or not because our kids started to rebel.  We all needed to slow down and they were demanding it.  Maybe not with words, their actions & reactions to simple everyday tasks told the story.   Every request or outing was a chaotic mess; we needed a change.

We began to scale back all of our extracurricular activities; the difference in our family was immediate.  The anxiety levels dropped, my sleep was much better & our time as a family improved.  We all just wanted more time to do nothing.  The more time we spent doing nothing, the more relaxed we were and the more we actually got done.   In the past it always felt like there was never enough time to get  simple tasks accomplished; now we had the time and it was a welcomed change.  Trust me for the betterment of your family SLOW DOWN; they will thank you for it.

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