Finding the Time

I used try to figure out where the time went at end of each day.  I felt like nothing ever got done.  Then I would feel overwhelmed, thinking of how I am going to fit it all into the next day?

Then, a friend suggested getting up at 5:30am. WHAT!!! I am not a morning person and 5:30am was nuts. It’s still dark out; nobody is up at this time.  Well, guess what there are people up at this time, MOMS.  Mom’s who are getting a handle on their rhythm and making sure their days are a streamline.  Of course there are unforeseen illnesses, bad days & even I am not getting up today.  These are fewer & fewer once you realize the difference it makes in how your day flows.  I have to admit 5:30 is still not my wake up time, but I have started to rise at 6:30am and have found I am a much happier person on these days.

As the house seats still so do I; I find a quite place and just breathe.  I do not mediate, so this is as close as I get, my Sanguine Temperament makes it very difficult for me seat still.  If  I only seat  15 minutes there is a clear variation in how my day runs. Sometimes, I go all out  lighting a candle or some incense hoping to elongate my stillness(it helps most of the time).  I then proceed to getting our day organized; most of it is planned since we homeschool, but there are days where I still need some work.

If you can take this time for yourself each morning and allow yourself a big breath out before you jump into your day. It will have so much impact on how you go through your day and how your children race through theirs.

Still evolving:)

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