Great Day!!

Today is a day you have to share:)  Everything seemed to fall into place so easily, kids, school, work etc. It all came together, it never felt manufactured.

Do ever wonder why everyday is not like that? Or do you enjoy the day?  I have to say I vacillate at times, not really being in the moment of the it; daydreaming of ways I can make everyday like this one.

Today was not one of those days! I let this day permeate through me feeling all of its warmth, relishing every second.   I wonder how many of us try to create these days instead of just allowing them to happen?  What I mean by that is, we read all the books, blogs etc. of these amazing families that seem to have picture perfect days everyday. Don’t get me wrong that’s awesome, but for some of us new to this journey it’s not that easy to do. We are still learning about ourselves & our children.

Instead of allowing days just to happen ;we try to recreate theirs.  When it doesn’t happen the disappointment starts andwe  begin to wonder if we can do it at all?

I know we can and I am striving for that everyday.  I am not saying it is easy, we all  fall off the horse; the key is to get back on.

Smile when your days are bad and allow yourself the freedom to create your own perfect day.

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