Restart Button!

Well, our school year got off to a wonderful start and then it happened, field trips, vacations etc.  I started lose my shell of  a daily rhythm and began to revert back to my old ways.  My old ways were sort of Hodge Podge of grabbing what I could and making it work.  Our days were pretty stressful and kids were always looking for a way out. ( I was too)

So, I had to stop and take a long hard look at myself. (never fun but imperative at times)  A friend suggested I read A Little Garden Flower blog, as I read I kept reading  it starts with YOU!  It starts with me?  All right,I knew that!  I was just having a hard time getting started.  The same  friend mentioned I call Melisa and start her new program,”Thinking, Feeling, Willing.” My friend was a little pushy, but that’s what I needed; I have a hard time asking for help and I required a push.  I called Melisa scheduled my first appointment and the restart button was pressed.( incredibly freeing)   I am so new to Waldorf only a year in, I was so excited to have found someone who wasn’t going to throw all of the steps at me and expect me to figure them out on my own.

As homeschooler’s we have taken on the most important job, educating our children.  It is very humbling and laborious at times, but the good news is when we run off track and get overwhelmed it is OK to hit the RESTART BUTTON!

Go ahead and push it, we are all here to help:)


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