Castile Soap Enviromentally Safe

Castile soap is a centuries old environmental-friendly soap that is wonderful to use around the house in a variety of ways.   Our soap is made from olive oil, soy and pure essential oils along with other natural ingredients. It’s natural ingredients are considered its primary appeal; too many of its users who are more open to using alternative materials that are less harmful to the environment.

Here are just a few ways you can use Castile Soap:

Floor Soap: I recommend our Summer Sun soap it’s loaded with anti-bacterial essential oils. You won’t have to worry about your babies crawling across your floor.

Laundry Soap– Cleans soiled clothing & cloth diapers effectively without harsh  chemicals.  Summer Sun is a great choice; it leaves your clothing smelling         fresh & clean.   I love it when I hang my clothes out on the line & I can smell them throughout the yard.

Hand Soap– Our lavender hand soap is wonderful.  It gently cleans hands and a natural moisturizer for your skin.

Shampoo– Gentle leaves your hair clean with drying it out; I recommend our lavender peppermint shampoo.  It is also very effective on lice & its eggs.

Castile Soap Offerings:

Summer Splash 8oz bottle filled with citrus essential oils. 

PayPal code: SSCS $7.50 plus $4.50 US shipping

 Lavender Hand Soap 8oz bottle

PayPal code: LHCS $8.00 plus $4.50 US shipping

 Lavender Peppermint 8oz bottle

PayPal code: LPCS $8.00 plus $4.50 US shipping

Eucalyptus Citronella 8oz bottle great for camping.

PayPal code: ECHS $7.50 plus $4.50 US shipping

If you have any questions or would like to place an order please email us at  Larger size and special blends are available by request.

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