Keeping it Simply

This week I was lucky enough to be one of listeners on Donna Ashton “Simplicity Parenting” call and it really hit home.  It was strange because I had already read Simplicity Parenting but tried unsuccessfully to implement the tools that were given to throughout the book.  I am so auditory & visual that the call & slides seemed to get me thinking again about how “I” need to change my thinking & actions to make my children’s life simpler. I have now gone back through the book marked more items I need to work on. (baby steps)

First, I needed to figure out how I could change my weekly errand schedule.  My husband travels and a lot of my time is spent dragging the kids here & there (with great protest) to get errands done, grocery shopping etc.  I decided when Philip was in town I would take two or three  hours each week to do every possible errand I could think of so that I didn’t have to drag the kids out.

Second, step was going through a ton of items in both of our kids room.  Being late to Waldorf we had a lot to go through and eventually had a car full for donation.  The kids felt really good about donating the items and now spend a lot more time in their rooms.

Lastly, this week instead of going to the park and playing baseball we created our own field in the backyard.  Logan & Sophia made bases with pieces of cardboard, we used tempered paint to mark the baselines  and I mowed a baseball diamond(I am not a fan of mowing to so it was great only having mow a diamond).  The kids loved the entire process and it turned out to be a lot more fun than dragging everyone to the park.

Our homemade baseball field.

The biggest thing I learned this week was keeping it simply actually is a lot easier than I thought and the kids love it too!!

How are you looking to simplify your family lives? What are some ideas you have implemented that simplified your daily routines?


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