Getting Rid of Insects Naturally

Before my journey into Waldorf I spent 10 years formulating natural products for several different companies & individuals. Now, after  a 2 year sabbatical I am ready to jump back in. Using only pure essential oils  &  certified organic herbs our products are some of the purest in the market.  One oil I find a lot of  use for this time year is citronella; we make glycerin soaps (great for camping), our own natural insect repellant with eucalyptus leaves and finally a great way is to just place a small amount in a diffuser when your outside.

Citronella in the Raw

One of our favorite recipes:

Sophia’s Big Bug Wipe-out

1 8oz dark colored bottle

¼ cup aloe vera liquid

¼ cup carrier oil of your chose (soy is one of our favorites)

1/3 cup of witch hazel

1.5 oz citronella (you may add more if needed but I usually go with the less is more approach)

Fill the rest of the bottle with purified water.

The kids really enjoy making the soaps and we do a lot of math exercises while creating Sophia’s Big Bug Wipe Out.  Both of my kids are very tactical,so doing an exercise with fractions where they can be involved in the process as well as have something to show for it when their done has made math lessons a lot easier.  They recently made a 1/2 dozen to share with friends and family and loved it.

If you’re interested in purchasing 2 oz bottle of citronella hit the PayPal tab on the right and our account

You’re purchasing a good and please put in the message box how many bottles you would like along with code

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2 oz bottle


2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Insects Naturally

  1. Thank you for the recipe. Do you also want to share the recipe for the soap? My friends just moved to the country side in Michigan and mosquitoes are just unavoidable. It would be a great project for summer with her and my kids.
    Thank you,

    • Sure:) We use a melt & pour sulfate free Gylcerin soap & liquid Castile soap.

      For one 4 oz bar of soap I would 6 to 8 drops of citronella and we add Eucalyptus leaves to the soap as well; we love the smell.

      When we make our liquid soap we usually make enough to fill an 8oz bottle. I like to place a fair amount of Eucalyptus leaves in bowl of the Castile for about 4 days; we strain the leaves and add the soap to bottle adding about a 1/2 oz of Citronella oil.

      Our kids love creating & I am sure your friends will enjoy it to.


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