Making time for what’s important! Do you?


Now, that we have jotted down our daily rhythm and modified to fit into our matrix in order of importance; it’s time for the next step.  In this next step we decide where we would like to spend the bulk of our time and where our time can produce the largest impact on ourselves and others.

Might I suggest you watch this short video before creating your list.


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There’s Never Enough Time!


Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. ~Faith Baldwin


Yes there is;we just need to find it. Below I have categorized a possible day in our home. Next, by creating this division I could clearly see where I could find additional time for myself and our kids. A large bulk of my time was being spent on Urgent/Not Important & Not Urgent/Not Important. Now, it’s your turn!


Box I items are Urgent & Important Examples:

Your child has a high fever and needs to go to the doctor.

Your partner’s car has broken down and you need to go and pick them up.


Box II items Not Urgent/Important Examples:

Taking your child out for a date night


Weekly Planning (meal planning, lesson plans & groceries)

Spending quality time as a family


Box III items Urgent/Not Important Examples:


Answering your phone every time it rings

Responding immediately to emails & text

Household Chores


Box IV items Not Urgent/Not Important Examples:

Surfing the web

Watching TV

Researching Recipes


I’ll bet you will find (if you are truly honest with yourself) that many of the activities you spend your time with are urgent but not important.  It’s important to plan your days/weeks so that you are running your day and your day is not running you.  If you do not do a good job planning, you will end up just “putting out the nearest fire” all day and find that you are rarely as productive as you would like to be.  If you take the time to consistently plan each week(and work on spending as much time as possible in the Important but not Urgent category), you will find that you are not only spending your time in optimal ways, but you are also proactively putting out those fires that tend to pop up all day. (forgot key ingredient for tonight’s dinner, overdue library books or bring forgotten cleats for practice)

That naturally leads us to the next step finding more time and how we spend it!  What is important to you?  For each of you, that answer is different but what do you want to be spending your time doing? How much time do you want designate to each category? Are you setting enough time a side for YOU?


Our Typical Day..Homeschooling Multiple Ages



Monday I shared with you our schedule on Co-op days; today I will show you how we spend our time during a typical school day. Again, I want to stress how important it is to put pen to paper and write out your day; you may find you have more time then you think or you may find you really need to pull back on extra-curricular activities.  If you have older children you may even want to post their schedule up, adolescents may need the reminder.  In our household I have gone as far as placing a quarterly schedule in each of their binders; this has helped them allocate time for their independent work too.  When it is age appropriate it is important to begin to teach your children the usefulness of rhythm and the balance it provides.


The night before preparation:

  • Sophia & I are usually on breakfast, so we do all of our prep the night before.
  • Logan & Sophia set their clothing out; I have tried being lax with dress but PJ’s all day did not work in our home:)
  • Each child has a wooden crate that has their supplies for this months block i.e. books, MLB’s etc. . The crate is brought out and placed on their desk. The One Wooden Crate system has helped all of us, especially since we no longer have a schoolroom.
  • Mom gets all of her MLB materials together.
  • Coffee set to start brewing at 6am!


A Typical Tuesday:

6:30am-Rise & Shine Mommy( I lay in bed for 15 minutes meditating)

6:45-7:30 ME Time!  I wanted to cut out time for me in the morning so that I could hold the space for our children throughout the day. This usually translates to me talking a long walk with Wiggles.

7:30-8:00 Mom showers and gets dressed for the day.

8:00-8:30 Time for coffee talk with my wonderful husband before we leaves for the week,

8;30- Sophia rises and gets her self ready to conquer the day

9:00-9:30 Breakfast is prepared and plated

9:30- Logan struggles but finally makes it out of bed, food is a great motivator.

10:30-12:00 Main Lesson with Sophia

10:30-12:00 Logan works independently on either Math or Free Writes.

12:00-12:45 Audible book and lap-book for the month. Our kids really enjoy having a corresponding lap-book with their monthly readings; this combination has really sparked a new love of books.

12:45-1:00- Logan gets lunch ready; usually something simple fruit, veggies and soup.

1:00-1:30 Lunch

1:45-3:00 Main Lesson with Logan. Yes, our days run longer than most but this what works for us. Logan is not a morning person and we have struggled with this; I hate to say for how long. I needed to let go of what my ideal day; so I could give Logan the time and space he needed for his day.

3:30-5:00 Sophia has Girl Scouts.. this is her first year. So excited for her!!

5:15-6:00 Dinner and recap of our day.

6:30-7:30 Outside Play

7:30- Showers commence

8:30-9:15 Mom reads to Sophia/Logan reads his Book Club book or Sports Illustrated especially during football season!

9:45 Lights out for Everyone

Once you put pen to paper the map of your day becomes clearer; this will ensure that you will not only beware of the time you need to give your children but most importantly the time you need to carve out for yourself!







Getting Down with Gravity

Family (1)

To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.(Newton’s 3rd Law)

Here are some easy to follow at home experiments to do when studying Newton’s Laws of Gravity.
This one of my favorites!

Make your own gravity.

What you will need:

  • small can
  • string
  • water

Steps to follow

  1. Find an empty soup can.
  2. Make sure the lid is removed and the edges are not sharp.
  3. Now attach a piece of string at the open end of the can giving it a handle.
  4. Fill the can halfway with water.
  5. Now go outside to text your experiment.
  6. Swing the can around as fast as you can.

What happened?

Did the water stay in?

Or are you getting ready to send me an email telling me how much you did not like this experiment?

Understanding Gravitational Pull

What you need.

  • ball
  • pitcher
  • books
  • lead sinker

Steps to follow:

  1. Prop up the kitchen table by placing the books under the legs of one end. About 2in high
  2. Take the ball first and roll it down the table observing its speed. You can have someone time it for you.
  3. Now throw the ball in the air and observe its speed and path.
  4. Next pour water from the pitcher again observe its speed and path. Time this too.
  5. Now drop the lead sinker and the ball. Observe the difference in path and speed.

Try all sorts of  different items in your home.(feathers vs balls or Legos vs blocks) This is a fun experiment to do in a multi-age family or co-op setting; giving 2 children separate items and have another document the results.


Here are some wonderful books about Sir Isaac Newton:

My esteemed co-hosts

Meagan from More Than A Coupon Queen

Dawnita from Fogelman Forerunner

Jess from Benoit Academy

Jodi from NY Homeschool

Adelien from Blessed Learners

Marie-Claire from Quick Start Homeschool

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Rhythm & Time Mangement…Revisted 2014


Now, that summer is ending and our school year is about to start; it is imperative that we have our weekly rhythm in order. The first step in creating a rhythm that works for you & your family is to write down your typical day. I am starting here because to be honest I do not think we a have clear idea of all that we do until we put pen to paper and write it down.  Many of us let our days run us; hopefully we can show you how to run your day.


The night before preparation:

  • Get grains soaking
  • Logan & Sophia get clothes picked out for Monday’s co-op
  • Gather all supplies( backpacks, lunch pails etc. for Monday’s co-op)
  • Mom have all your teaching materials together for co-op. (this is the first year I have decided to teach:)
  • Coffee set to start brewing at 6am!


A typical Monday School Year 2014-2015

6:30am- Rise & Shine Mommy

6:30-7:30am- Prepare breakfast(this year I have decided to have breakfast prep the night before so I am not spending to much time in the kitchen.

7:15- Kids start to rise.

7:15-8:00-Children dress/wash for co-op

8:00-:8;30-Breakfast is served.

8:40- Leave for co-op

9:00-2:00- We are at co-op

2:30-4:30- Down time for all of us (read handwork, music or nap)

4:30-5:30- Dinner time (we eat early on soccer & basketball practice days)

6:00-8:00 Two practices (soccer for Sophia & Basketball for Logan)

8:20-9:00 Showers & Snacks

9:15-9:45 Sophia gets ready for bed & 30min’s of reading with Mom.

9:15-9:45 Logan reads his book for weekly Book Club.

10:00 Lights Out for EVERYONE


Tomorrow I will share our rhythm for the day when we are not headed to co-op.

Your greatest resource is your time. ~Brian Tracy




Geeky Educational Link Up …has gone to the Birds


geek link post

My esteemed co-hosts

Meagan from More Than A Coupon Queen

Dawnita from Fogelman Forerunner

Jess from Benoit Academy

Jodi from NY Homeschool

Adelien from Blessed Learners

Marie-Claire from Quick Start Homeschool


Last year we started our homeschool year off studying birds; it was gentle way to begin our year. I also recently found out from our children that this block was the one they enjoyed the most. So, I figured I would share it this week in our linkup, since so many of you are starting school soon.

Here is our four week block on birds: I kept things very simple but their love for birds continued throughout the year and birding has become one of Sophia’s favorite pastime!

Week 1:  Read The Boy Who Drew Birds by Jacqueline Davies

Read about some of our favorite birds in The Watercolors of Birds in America John James Audubon.  This is where I plan to incorporate our weekly artistic expression; each of us will choose a bird from the book and use the medium we are most comfortable with to create our own painting, drawing etc.

Week 2:  Read Albert by Donna Joe Napoli.  This lovely book about Cardinals seemed the obvious chose considering our new residents.

We also plan to do a lot of bird watching this week, documenting all the birds we come in contact with. My hope is to use this book all year to track the types of birds we meet each season. Here is a great book if you live on the east coast Birds of Eastern North America by Paul Sterry & Brian E. Small. If your children are younger you can use Children’s Guide to Birds by Simon & Schuster.

We will be making our own bird feeders this week using pinecones, birdseed & peanut butter.

Week 3: Read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

We have several different types of owls in our woods, we plan is to use the owl calls on The Cornell Ornithology website  to call several different types of owl species.  This summer we have had a ton of success calling The Great Horned Owl, looking forward to hearing who replies next!

This week we will be doing wet on wet painting of The Great Horned Owl.

Week 4: Read Angelo by David Macaulay since the story takes place in Rome. It is a sweet book with wonderful illustrations.

This week we will recreate birds nests we have found in books and in their natural habitat.

We have plans to start our year again with a simple fun filled block; it makes starting school so much easier!

In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence - Robert Lynd

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