Saturday Shout-Out St. Patrick’s Day




St. Patrick’s is soon approaching! Below you will find some great craft ideas, recipes and MORE!


Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Word Search Kids love these!


Irish Car Bomb Cupcake OK the Car Bombs I used to have included Guinness & Baileys but these will work:)


Guinness Chocolate Donuts with Baileys Glaze NOW you’re talkin!!!


DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Jar Craft Super cute idea.


Corned Beef and Cabbage Bites Recipe One of my favorite dishes


Leprechaun Handprints Hoping he will bring us some GOLD!


DIY St. Patrick’s Day Shirt Great craft idea for the older kiddos


Dollar Store St. Patrick’s Day Wreath For my frugal crafters!


Look for more St. Patrick’s Day ideas in next weeks Saturday Shout-Out





5 on the 5th My Favorite Posts from February 2015

5 on the 5th

Here’s my February installment for 5 on the Fifth.  I subscribe to each one of this amazing blogs; I can’t wait to read what they have posted and see how I might apply it to my own life. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Please share some of your favorites below.

1. This is not a blog of course but Jennifer Fink’s article in the Washington Post was extremely thought provoking. Read more about it Why schools are failing our boys

2. I so enjoyed Andrea’s post about Your Creative Work Will Change The World.#feelinginspired

3. Have to share this yummy recipe by Jillee Chicken Enchilada for a Crowd. Our crowd was the four of us:)

4. Another post I saved for later was The Dwelling Trees 25 Days of Saving Money. (great tips)

5. Ending with one of favorite bloggers Ben Hewitt. Loved this article about his family Unschooling: What is it and how one family does it

Please share your February Favorites below….

How to Start a Weight Loss Routine in 4 Steps


How-to-Start-a-Weight-Loss-Routine (1)


OK when Pamela over at Gym Free Fit it asked me to contribute to her blog I chuckled!  I am not a fitness nut, I wasn’t eating right & working out gave me hives(not really but I am sure you get the point). Then I got on the scale at the end of December(not the best of times) and the laughter turned to tears; I only time those three digits showed up on my scale was when I was pregnant. So, I started to think about Pamela’s request and thought it was a great idea; I could share my weight loss journey while having the support from others who were blazing the same weight loss path as me.!  For a little icing on the cake(the cake is made from whole-wheat flour and the icing is PButter:) My father, Philip & I have a bet who can lose the most weight by the end of April. Nothing like competition to keep you motivated. Quote by Sophia Warren”GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL” so going to WIN this…

So, join me this month over at Gym Free Fit where I will share weekly post on exercise, healthy recipes & tips for losing weight.( I am still giggling)

On a side note I have lost 10 LBS since January!!!

Dissecting Owl Pellets…Geeky Educational Link-Up



Do you know what an owl pellet is? Contrary to popular belief it is not owl poop. This week More Than A Coupon Queen dissected owl pellets with her kids. She wants to tell you all about it and give you a great list of resources in case you decide to do the same. To find out more about Owl Pellets click here!

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Pokemon is Educational?? Geeky Educational Link-Up

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Logan is a huge Pokemon fan and an avid card collector. Not until recently did I fully understand what it took to be both or the educational aspects behind the game.  I decided to ask Logan to explain Pokemon to me and give his perspective on why he feels it is an educational game. Let’s get the Q & A started!!


Q & A with Logan about Pokemon:

1. Mom: What got you interested in Pokemon?

Logan: When I was about 8 years old my friend who lived across the street introduced me to the game and I quickly fell in love with it.

2. Mom: Why did you fall in love with the game of Pokemon?

Logan: The idea of powerful mythical creatures appealed to me along with the idea of taking those creatures into battle.

3. Mom: What are your favorite details about the card game?

Logan: Winning! Having the satisfaction of knowing that I built a deck that could beat another player.

4. Mom: How do you think Pokemon is educational?

Logan: It improves your social skills, math, how to strategize & a lot critical thinking all of which are important in being successful.  It also is a great way for kids who are just starting to read

5. Mom: What are some ways Pokemon has improved your social skills?

Logan: You can join a Pokemon league, you play in local tournaments as well as play national tournaments if your good enough.  I have met some really nice kids who have the same interest in Pokemon as I do.

6. Mom: Is Pokemon for kids of all ages?

Logan: Yes and if you join a league you will play with other kids your own age.

7. Mom: In what other ways can Pokemon be educational?

Logan: It has encouraged me to draw more; I have always loved to draw but drawing my favorite characters and creating my own Pokemon cards has been a lot of fun!

8. Mom: Have you found other imaginative was to share your love for Pokemon?

Logan: Yes, I have created my own YouTube channel where I share my most recent Pokemon card pack purchases. Here is my latest video

9. Mom: How would someone get started playing Pokemon?

Logan: I would suggest you  purchase a theme deck from your local Walmart or Target. A theme deck gives you your first full deck so you can start playing against other opponents as well a game mat and damage counters. Find out more here!

10. Mom: What advice would give parents whose children want to start to play Pokemon?

Logan: First, I would buy the theme deck I suggested, then I would have them join a small group or league so they can learn how to play. Also I found watching videos on game strategy and deck profiles helpful when I first started playing.


Since so many children from elementary to teenage love to play Pokémon; I think it could be easily implemented in several types of lesson plans. Here are a few links to help you get started in adding Pokemon to your school day:

Pokemon Project Based Lesson Plan Idea: Habitats

Pokemon 101 for Teachers & Librarians


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Geeky Educational Link-Up..Ivory Soap Experiment

jess post


Jess from Benoit Academy shares her Ivory Soap Experiment that she did with her kids earlier this week! Did you know that Ivory soap is one of the very few brands of soap that actually floats in the water?? This is due to a mistake that an employee at Procter and Gamble made. He forgot to turn off the mixing machineon the batch of soap he was making when he went on his lunch break! It ended up whipping so much air into the soap that it made the bars float. Procter and Gamble actually started marketing Ivory soap as “The Soap That Floats!” Make sure to read her FULL POST so that you can do this experiment yourself! Read more here


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Day 2 is in the Books


PicMonkey Collage1


We finally made it to Longview,TX, only 238 a more miles to go before we reach our final destination Round Rock,TX.  Lots of laughs rehashing yesterdays excitement; thank goodness today was uneventful. My bed awaits me but not before the kids take a dip in the hotel pool and mom takes a soak in the hot tub.(my back could use it)

Good Night Friends ♥

Today’s quote: Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg. ~Author Unknown

End of Day 1 of Our Move to TX

journey 1


As many of you know we are headed to Austin, Texas to start the next chapter in our families story.  I wanted share our journey with our readers because I was sure it would be eventful.

Let me introduce to my fellow travelers: Logan, Sophia, my Dad, Wiggles (the dog), Katie(the dog), Taco(the cat) & El Diablo (the cat).

We got on the road  about 11 AM this morning after some very tearful goodbyes.  Sophia & my father driving the U-Haul, Logan & I in the our mini-van. The day started out perfect the skies were clear and the traffic was light  We made it through North Carolina & South Carolina without incident. We exited in Commerce, GA to get some fuel and that’s when the fun started:) My dad was filling the truck while I filled the car; the kids needed to use the bathroom so they were heading off when I heard the words”OH NO!!!Not the words you want to hear especially in the tone they were shouted.  Taco the Cat had locked the van doors and the keys were still in the ignition!(I was glad the car was turned off) Yes, you read that correctly our cat locked us out of our van. After a few expletives from me; my father and Sophia got back in the truck and headed south while Logan and I waited for AAA to arrive. While we waited we tried to get the cat to repeat his amazing feet of locking the doors to possibly unlocking them. Needless to say he did not feel the need to recreate his David Copperfield like performance, instead he laid spread eagle in the driver seat taking a nap. (I am sure if he could have he would have given me the finger while I was tapping on the glass to get his attention). After an hour or so AAA arrived and got us back on the road.

Our final destination today was Tuscaloosa, AL and we made it safe in sound but not without one more adventure. I called my dad to get our room number since they had arrived before us but when he answered I knew something was wrong. Their truck had lost steering capability and the brakes were shot; it was now my father’s turn to shout a few expletives as he hung up the phone to call Roadside Assistance. Luckily,the truck broke down as they were pulling into the hotel(thank goodness for small favors). Well, it is 10:37 and the truck is fixed!!! I want to say Thank You to Anthony from U-Haul for all your help!!

Next stop Shreveport, LA.!!!!

Good Night Friends♥ 

Quote for today: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Geek Educational Link Up.. Time and Shadows


geeky pic 2


It can be very difficult to explain the passing of time to a young child. Time, in a general sense, can be difficult to understand completely. Its effects over a single day, however, can be easier to explain and illustrate to your child with the aid of the sun and a shadow.  Super creative idea Kassondra 

To read more about Time & Shadows click here



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