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Life can be challenging at times, to say the least. On some days, it seems like an uphill battle. You take two steps forward only to take three back. On other days, it feels like you’re on a merry-go-round. Round and round you go without really going anywhere. Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. The truth is you, like so many people, probably aren’t living in harmony with who you were created to be. The good news, though, is that it’s not your fault! Yes, you read that correctly, it’s not your fault. You simply were never taught these life lessons… until now! Get ready! Grab a notebook and a pen and put your listening cap on because Living Authentically. Loving Abundantly is now in session.

Lisa Marie Pepe is a Transformational Life Coach, Author, and Business Mentor. She empowers women to fully embrace how beautiful they truly are by providing them with the tools they need to live more healthfully, gain more self-confidence, and meet the world on their own terms. Please visit or call 203-671-0139 to schedule a complientary 20-Minute Fresh Start Focus Session.

Telecia Ellis is a Personal Success Coach who helps caregivers and healthcare workers reduce stress by helping them align who they are with what they do so that they can experience an optimal level of wellbeing for themselves. Please visit to contact Telecia.

Tiffany Vanderhorst, known as The Miracles Coach, is your go-to-girl for all things miracles. She is a Miracle Mindset coach who specializes in getting women unstuck so they can own their worth and create a life and coaching business they are excited to wake up to. Please visit to contact Tiffany.



Abundantly You! On Purpose In Business: New on Amazon

Here’s the first of many I am hoping from these two amazing authors by Antoinette Sykes & Lisa Marie Pepe ! This book celebrates entrepreneurship, spirituality, wealth, riches and abundance in all areas, which is what happens when you decide to create financial freedom in life. If you’re a woman running a business and want more then Abundantly You! On Purpose In Business: Face The Fear of The Unknown (The Bounceback Series) (Volume 3)needs to placed in your Amazon cart today!

Happy Reading:)

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Science Homeschool Curriculums K-12


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Many of you have either started planning for next year or some of you might be like me and haven’t even given it a thought:) But where ever you are in your planning stage here is a list of  Science curriculums from K-12; I hope it helps

Elementary Grades K-5:

Houghton Mifflin is a Researched-Based program covering K-12

PBS Kids offers since for Toddlers-Gr2

Timberdoodle Co. offers a complete Elementary curriculum

Simply Charlotte Mason is another great choice!

One of my personal favorites Lyrical Life Science v.1 & 2

Middle School Grades 6-8:

Science Shepherd is complete curriculum developed by homeschoolers

Intellego Unit Studies are a ton of fun and very economical

In the Hands of a Child lapbooks are an extremely creative way to bring in Science at any grade.

The Story of Science by Joy Hakim is what we will be using in the Fall (ok I have given next year a little thought:)


High School 9-12:

Holt McDougal Modern Chemistry also offers Physics, Biology and more

Well-Trained Mind Academy offers several online science programs

Coursera just learned about this one WOW!(I am addicted)

Uzinggo Science help & tutoring


Please share some of your favorite Science curriculums below!

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May is Hamburger Month?

burger posy

Who knew? Below you will find a collection of delicious burger recipe that will make any burger lover happy! Start up the grill and get cook one of these 18 scrumptious burgers or share you favorite recipe below. The Warren’s are always up for trying something new


Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Restaurant Burgers at Home

Stuffed Hamburger

Copycat White Castle Sliders

French Onion Beer Burgers


Greek Style Hummus Burger

Over 20 Free Geeky Educational Printables



Do you have a kid with a geeky side? More Than A Coupon Queen has put together a list of over 20 free geeky educational printables to help make learning fun. If you don’t see your fandom comment so she knows what to add. Read more at More Than A Coupon Queen click here