Teaching the Science of Nutrition…A Geeky Educational Link-Up

Teaching the Science of Nutrtion


This year we decided to tackle the importance of nutrition. We had covered the basics several years back when the kids were in PreSchool and Elementary School but now it was time to get down to the science of it and why it is so important to eat right.  I have found as your children get older just telling them is not nearly enough they need to know the why!


Here is how our 4 week block on Nutrition looked:

1. The first week and this would continue throughout the the next 4 weeks we would keep a food journal. Collecting data on all the foods we ate and what we drank.


2. We looked at all the major systems in our bodies; it is important to have your children learn these systems since our nutritional habits can effect each one. Here’s a list of what we used for the next three weeks.


3. Fun for the kids maybe not for you!  We decided to take a 24 hour period and eat nothing but JUNK FOOD. As we ate the junk food we documented our moods, how our stomach felt, how much energy we had throughout the day and lastly how we slept that evening. The good news is we ALL decided that junk food is not a very good addition to our diet(even Logan whose nickname is Dr. Doughnuts)


4. Lastly, we created a one month meal plan adding all the foods we enjoyed eating!  Getting the kids involved creating the menu was a blessing they each chose a night to cook their favorite meals giving mom the night off


Just for fun: One day we went to our local grocer grabbed every exotic fruit and vegetable we could find. We had a ton of favorites like blood oranges, kiwi, star fruit, escarole & meyer lemons and only one dislike the durian fruit. Not a fan of the consistency, smell or taste at!



Join us each week for some SUPER SCIENCE FUN!



Start Spring Out with Giving Yourself a Gift

Welcome Spring!!! I am looking forward to gardening, bike riding with the family & warmer weather. But this Spring I have chosen to venture on a journey of exploration. What might I be exploring? Well, it’s ME of course. .It has been a very LONG time since I thought about me, my needs, my wants and most importantly my dreams.  So, I chose Spring a time of rebirth to begin my journey and this week I step into a place where I am very unfamiliar I have two one on ones with two different Life Coaches( I didn’t plan that way it just sort of happened); I struggle here because I am what some might call a scanner. ( we will get into that later I promise) I also joined an amazing group of women for a webinar this week on You Don’t Have to be Perfect: Debunking the Myth of the Supermom there is still time to sign up and I can say from my own personal interaction with Lisa this webinar is going to be helpful for all moms NEW & Veteran. Hope to see all you there  next week:)



Spring is a miraculous experience. The world comes filled with color and the scents of delicious greenery. The world that seemed so dull and cold has come alive once again. Little did we know that beneath the cold hard ground the plants and trees were preparing for an awakening. Spring gives us hope for reinvigorating our own lives as well. Spring is a time to renew the excitement and zest for life that lives deep within us. It’s a time for rebirth, exploration & allowing!

Happy Spring Friends!!


Learning Numbers – Fun for All Ages!..an Geeky Educational Link Up

ggeky numbers


Counting tools can be great for little ones learning their numbers but with a little imagination they can be lots of fun for older kids too! Kassondra from Motherhood Community shares how her daughter and nieces enjoy learning and playing together.To find out more about these precious young ladies and to grab some of their super fun counting games check out Kassondra’s post on Motherhood Community !



our hosts

You Don’t Have to be Perfect: Debunking the Myth of the Supermom(Last Day for Bonus Gifts)

Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Menu Ideas



For you procrastinators(that would be me)!  I wanted to share a few of my blogging friends incredible St. Patrick’s Day Recipe ideas. Enjoy

Just 2 Sister’s Crock Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage is super easy; drop in the pot and GO

Tammilee Tips Crock Pot Guinness Corned Beef and Cabbage has real authentic Irish flavors

Brittany’s Pantry shared a recipe for Traditional Irish Soda Bread great for sopping up all that Guinness gravy:)

 Southern Krazed St. Patrick’s Day Chex Mix Recipe is a great way to get the kids involved in your holiday meal

Tammilee Tips Celtic Knot Rolls are another great way to get children cooking.

End your meal right with these delicious Irish Crème Cheesecake Brownies from Chrisy is Blogging

Magically Delicious Lucky Charms Bars Recipe from Mission to Save

Have Corned Beef leftovers try this fabulous appetizer from Two Healthy Kitchens Reuben Dip (Oven, Microwave or Crock Pot Appetizer Recipe)

Wishing you all a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

St. Patrick’s Day on a Budget



Are you planning a St. Patrick’s Day party this year, but trying to be conscious of your budget? We’re not Irish but we love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; Corned Beef & Cabbage is one of our favorite meals! While it seems like hosting a fun holiday party has to be expensive, that isn’t always the case and there are great ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without the hurting wallet this year! Check out some of these money saving tips below.

Shop at the dollar store.
The dollar store is a great place to shop for any holiday but especially the little fun ones like St. Patrick’s Day! You can find tons of cute themed decorations for only a dollar and you’ll even find some great little party favors, too! Getting all of this at the dollar store versus a big box store can save you tons of money for your St. Patrick’s Day party, allowing you to splurge elsewhere!

Have a potluck!
Having a potluck is a great way for everyone to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. They can bring something they know they’ll like, and it takes a lot of the financial burden off of you. This way, you can focus on the main part of the meal and the rest is up to your guests! It helps save quite a bit of money, time, and you get to see your friends and family show off their cooking skills!

Did you have an awesome St. Patrick’s Day party last year? Recycle some of the decorations and party favors if you still have them. Nobody will remember them from last year and you can even upgrade them with a little DIY if you wish!

Plan activities that don’t cost much!
You definitely want to have activities at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration but don’t want to spend too much on them! If you already have things like corn hole, you could set that up as a game for everyone to play. Don’t rule out card games either because most people enjoy card games! You could set up some poker, or even play some classic card games like crazy eights or go fish!

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which areas to splurge in for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Whether you choose to spend it on food, games, or decorations is entirely up to you! The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the company of your guests!

Are you planning a St. Patrick’s Day celebration this year? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Happy 11th Birthday Baby Girl


My Daughter


The sunshine of your precious smile

could melt the coldest heart.

It brightens up my dreary day

when we are far apart.

The memory of your little hand

holding mine so tight

brings a warm glow to my heart

on a cold and dreary night.

Those little arms that hug my neck

will soon be big and strong;

you’re growing up so quickly

so it won’t be very long.

So I’ll take your hugs and kisses now,

cause the day will soon be here,

when you’ll think you’re much too big,

for me to hold so near.



You Don’t Have to be Perfect: Debunking the Myth of the Supermom